We are the 2018 ESS221, Rocks and Mineralogy Course. The 13 of us have come together and bonded over our love for mineral hand samples and travel. From first timers abroad to seasoned veterans, we are looking forward to a "Gneiss" time. 


The Students & Teachers.


Hi! I'm Nate and I am a second-year student at the University of Toronto studying Geophysics. I have a deep interest in seismology and vulcanism. I am most excited about seeing the Geothermal sites in Turkey.


Hey there! I'm Jessica and I am a third-year at the University of Toronto double majoring in Geoscience and Biodiversity and Conservation Biology and minor in Geographic Information Systems. I am passionate about Oceanography. I am most excited about seeing the Blue Mosque.


Hi! My name is Dana. I am in second-year and my program is Geophysics. I am passionate about tectonics . I am looking forward to seeing the sights and taking in the culture. 


I'm Eric, and I'm in fourth-year studies in cell and systems biology. I'm passionate about food that is bad for me. I am looking forward to the ancient Greek and Roman ruins in Turkey.



Hi! I'm Dean and I am a second year double major in Earth & Environmental Systems and History & Philosophy of Science. I'm passionate about learning humanity's place in geological time and space and I hope to someday apply what I learn to today's challenges. I'm most looking forward to learning about Turkey's vertical tectonics.

Hey! I'm Sofia and I'm a second year student studying Geology and Chemistry. My interests include the formation of mineral deposits and optimizing mineral recovery. I'm most excited about swimming in the Aegean Sea.


Hey, I'm Christian and I'm in my 2nd year of Geology Specialist. I'm really passionated about crystals and minerals and fossils since I'm a kid, also about music and cars. Finally I'm looking forward to learn a lot about geology related things and culture from Turkey.


Hi! I'm Winney and I am second-year planetary science. My passion is animals. I am looking forward to meeting great people and eating great food in Turkey


Hi! My name is Zoë and I’m a third-year student in Environmental studies and Geosciences. I would like to use my studies to mitigate and minimize the harmful effects of climate change on marginalized communities. In Turkey, I’m most excited to experience a different culture and visit the many mosques!


My name is Hila, I'm a second-year student studying Earth Systems and Environmental Studies. I am very interested in climate change impact on the environmental systems and look forward to see the architecture and culture in Turkey, as well as the Greek ruins


Hey! I'm Evelina and I'm in my third year double majoring in Music and Geoscience. I love to travel and I cannot wait to explore the culture, historical sites and landscape of Turkey! I'm most excited about seeing the travertine hot springs in Pamukkale!


Hey! My name is Qihanliu and Logan in English.
I’m in geoscience and economics double major.
I’m from Shanghai China. I love food and culture of foreign countries and my own one.


Hello! I am Professor Grant Henderson. I am in my twenty-ninth year in Mineralogy and geochemistry. I am passionate about Motorcycles, being left alone and am anti-idiot box. The thing I am looking forward to most in turkey is getting rid of the students. In reality, I am looking forward to the historical sites especially Gallipoli, it's important to a kiwi like me. 

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Hello! I am Professor Russ Pysklywec. I study Geodynamics. I am passionate about red wine, baklava, and cats. My favourite part of Turkey is stray cats.